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An International FDP
aligned with NEP 2020

17 – 22 June 2024



This 40-hour online International Faculty Development Program (FDP) is tailor-made for Higher Education professionals.

At the Centre for Learning Design, we understand the unique challenges professors face in India’s higher education.

Our holistic approach covers social, emotional, and intellectual development, fostering academic excellence and student well-being.

Dr. Adity Saxena, Director, Centre for Learning Design


Dr. Adity Saxena


This Faculty Development Program enhances your ability to teach effectively in higher education. You will learn how to design inclusive learning materials and assessments, deliver personalised learning experiences and use Artificial Intelligence to create engaging lesson plans and activities.

6 interactive sessions (100% live online)

Learn from international experts in teaching and learning design

Get lifetime access to all learning materials

Receive personalised feedback and coaching

Join a supportive community of like-minded professionals

Build your professional network

Achieve a world-class certificate of completion from Centre for Learning Design and Woxsen University

“The faculty development programme conducted was a whole new experience for me, and an introduction to Bloom’s taxonomy in teaching pedagogy to get better learning outcomes was beneficial. The resource person, Dr. Tony Reeves, was understanding and encouraging, and the way he teaches has inspired me a lot”.

Ananth Aparna Sumanjali

Faculty, Dept. of Microbiology , TSWREIS, Mamabubnagar


The workshop is open to teachers (regular/ad-hoc/temporary) and research scholars from any Indian university/college/institute.

The principal/academic administrator of HEIs may also apply.

A minimum of 1 year’s professional experience in higher education.

A strong interest in improving teaching quality.

A growth mindset.

A desire to make a positive difference in the world through teaching and learning.

NOC or Leave is not required to enroll in the programme.

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Day 1: Motivating and engaging students

Motivation and learning are inseparable – if a student is not motivated, they will find it difficult to learn. Once we start thinking like a student, we can identify the factors that are likely to engage and motivate students.

In this module, we will explore the relationship between motivation and learning. You will create learner personas to help you empathise with your students and identify ways to engage them in the curriculum.


Day 2: Creating effective assessments

Effective assessment requires clear learning outcomes. Clear learning outcomes show you what you need to teach, and show your learners what they need to learn to pass.

In this module, we will examine common problems with learning outcomes. You’ll learn how to write learning outcomes that improve assessment and how to design assessments that deliver the learning outcomes.


Day 3: Designing inclusive learning experiences

We are all different, and neurodiversity means we all experience the world in different ways. In a classroom, every learner has different needs and challenges. The teacher’s role is to anticipate diversity and teach inclusively to ensure we minimise barriers to learning.

In this module, we will investigate inclusivity and explore factors that create barriers to learning. You’ll learn how to reduce barriers for learners with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and other specific needs in your teaching and learning resources.


Day 4: Harnessing AI and digital technologies

Digital technologies should always work in service of learning. But without careful planning, digital technologies can create more barriers to learning than they reduce. A key challenge for educators is how to choose and use digital technologies appropriately.

In this module, we will evaluate popular technologies to identify their potential to support learning. You’ll learn how to use Al and digital technologies to motivate and engage students, and how to align digital technologies with specific learning activities.


Day 5: Facilitating active learning

Lectures can be useful, but there are more effective ways to engage students in a learning experience. Being able to write and adapt a lesson plan and choose appropriate activities is a core skill for every educator

In this module, we will examine how Al can help us apply a range of learning theories to increase student engagement. You’ll learn how to produce an activity-focused lesson plan which enables students to learn through doing.


Day 6: Giving effective feedback

Giving feedback is one of the most powerful things a teacher does. Effective feedback is integral to transformative learning, and feedback should be constructive, developmental and refer to specific learning outcomes.

In this module, we will examine different ways of providing feedback to students. You’ll learn how to use feedback to improve student achievement, and how to give effective feedback that motivates learners while delivering robust learning and assessment.


“The three-day Faculty Development Programme has enhanced my higher education teaching skills”.

Manimegalai Thirumalai

Guest Faculty in History, TSWREIS Vikarabad

Resource Persons

We’re a team of creative learning specialists with extensive design experience. 

Dr Adity Saxena

Dr. Adity Saxena

Sanjay Guria

Assoc. Prof. Sanjay Guria

Sreeraghavi Mani

Asst. Prof. Sreeraghavi Mani

Ashwini Kalyani

Asst. Prof. Ashwini Kalyani

Dr Tony Reeves

Dr. Tony Reeves

Ray Martin

Assoc. Prof. Ray Martin

Dr. Nicholas Houghton

Dr. Nicholas Houghton

Phil Gomm

Assoc. Prof. Phil Gomm


Our next FDP runs from 17 – 22 June 2024.

We’d love to work with you.

We’re passionate about helping people improve learning and teaching.

We believe in the power of education to prepare people for the challenges of the 21st Century.

And we’re dedicated to providing development programmes that engage and inspire educators.

Dr. Tony Reeves, Director, Centre for Learning Design


Dr. Tony Reeves

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