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Event Organisers

5 Days Online International Faculty Development Programme (IFDP) 

Transforming Creative Education through Learning Design 

2022, July 25-29

An Initiative, Woxsen School of Arts & Design (India) and Ding Learning (UK)

Workshop schedule

Day 1: Examining students’ diverse learning needs

Day 2: Writing inclusive briefs

Day 3: Writing effective learning outcomes

Day 4: Producing student-centred session plans

Day 5: Providing effective feedback


Resource persons

Dr. Tony Reeves

Founder and Managing Director, Ding Learning (UK)

Mr. Phil Gomm

Director of Communications, Ding Learning (UK)

Dr. Adity Saxena

Dean, School of Arts & Design, Woxsen University (India)

Dr. Sanjay Guria

Asst. Dean, School of Arts & Design, Woxsen University (India)

FDP Coordinators

Dr. Manish Arora

Faculty – Dept. of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu Univeristy (India) 

Mr. Surya Teja Bachu

Asst. Professor, Woxsen School of Arts and Design, Woxsen University (India)


Who can attend?

Creative Educators
PhD Scholars


Arts / Crafts / Design / Communication / Media / Fashion / Industrial / Interior / Cultural Studies / Architecture / Innovation

Registration fees: 3,000

Last date for registration: July 20th, 2022

Maximum seats available: 50

Payment Link:

For more details, please contact: +91 9727 80 18 14